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About us

With the goal of constructing a “Sustainable Green Campus” in the development toward the 21st century and the services of the General Affairs Division, the Construction and Maintenance Division is dedicated to the promotion of constructing a sustainable campus taking into account the life cycle of buildings and public amenities, and considering the following factors in the planning, design and construction, use and maintenance, management, and demolishment processes of “construction” and “services” :

● Reducing disasters and ensuring the qualities of teaching, research, and living on campus.
● Minimizing the consumption of earth resources (water, energy, resources and materials, spaces, etc.)
● Minimizing pollution and waste (recycle and reuse).
● Increasing durability for prolonged use.
● Taking into account environmental harmony and sustainable ecology.

It is expected that the procurement activities for all construction and maintenance work on campus are carried out in the most effective manner following the above principles in order to achieve the goals in quality, efficiency, and innovation.

construction site

construction site